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Updated June 20, 2023

Following an announcement in March, 2023, that Iron Software is supporting MAUI development, we’re pleased to share a two part workshop hosted by Microsoft MVP Jeff Fritz.


Build Your First Mobile Application with .NET MAUI Workshop - Part 1

Are you interested in building native applications that can be published on Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS?

Jeff Fritz's .NET MAUI Workshop teaches you how to build a native application with .NET MAUI step-by-step.

What is MAUI, and How Can You Benefit?

.NET MAUI is a powerful framework that allows you to build native applications using .NET 7. And with Jeff Fritz's tutorial series, you can learn how to use this framework to build your first application on Windows.

In the first episode of the series, Jeff introduces the .NET MAUI Framework and walks through the installation process using Visual Studio 2022. He also provides a detailed overview of the templates that come with .NET 7.

If you're interested in following along with the workshop, you can find the source code on Jeff's GitHub page:

If you're a Linux user, Jeff has also written a blog post that covers building with .NET MAUI on Linux.


Build Your First Mobile Application with .NET MAUI Workshop - Part 2

Iron Software is Proud to Support the .NET Foundation

The .NET Foundation is a non-profit open-source community. We are proud to support training opportunities, like this one, that make ongoing education more accessible.

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