Iron Software Announces Plan for MAUI

Updated March 2, 2023

MAUI is one of the most innovative and exciting projects in the .NET world. Developed by Microsoft, it is a unified framework that allows developers to create applications that run on all major platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. Iron Software is committed to providing the best possible solutions to their customers and extending their products to include all MAUI deployment platforms.

Iron Software is working with the .NET foundation and Microsoft to build MAUI-specific tools to fill in cross-functional applications in MAUI. The team is proactively investigating gaps in the MAUI toolset and providing MAUI-specific solutions to extend the capabilities of MAUI using a combination of .NET and C++ Code. The team is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology to help their customers achieve their goals.

Cameron Rimington, CEO at Iron Software, noted that MAUI leverages C# as its primary programming language, allowing developers to write code using a mature, stable, and widely used language without it being a hack. Rimington also highlighted that MAUI incorporates the best features of the popular WPF framework for building user interfaces.

Microsoft have taken something developers love and made it accessible."
Cameron Rimington, CEO of Iron Software

Iron Software is committed to creating tools that are easy to use and accessible to developers of all skill levels.

One of the significant benefits of MAUI, according to Rimington, is that "This means developers can fork their functionality for iOS or Android." Developers can create cross-platform applications that run seamlessly on both iOS and Android, without having to write separate code for each platform.

MAUI plays beautifully with the NuGet ecosystem, providing access to hundreds of thousands open and closed source code bases. This means that developers have access to a vast array of libraries and frameworks that can be easily integrated into their MAUI projects.

Rimington believes that "This has put Microsoft on the map as the company that cares most about cross-platform development." They are selflessly backing Linux, Google Android and Mac platforms. He notes that Microsoft's progressive attitude towards cross-platform development is likely to make MAUI the standard way that new developers and startups code in the future.

Cameron adds:

"It allows smaller companies to create cross-platform applications without having dedicated developers teams,"

MAUI is more mature, stable and elegant than HTML based frameworks that developers have been using to hack together cross platform apps to date.

In conclusion, Iron Software's plan for MAUI is to provide the best possible solutions and support to their customers by working closely with the .NET foundation and Microsoft to deliver innovative and valuable products that help developers build high-quality cross-platform applications. Iron Software is excited about the future of MAUI and the possibilities it offers for developers, and they look forward to playing a significant role in its growth and success.

The future is already here. The apps, programs, games and web applications we use to work and play, every day, on every device we own, will likely be created in Visual Studio; and they will be more powerful, consistent, stable and affordable to develop than ever before.

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