WebScraper.LogLevel Enumeration
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WebScraperLogLevel Enumeration

Level of WebScraper logging to the Console. Because this Enum is a Flag type options can be combined using a pipe: e.g. LogLevel.Critical | LogLevel.ScrapedData

Namespace:  IronWebScraper
Assembly:  IronWebScraper (in IronWebScraper.dll) Version: (
public enum LogLevel
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 No Logs
Critical1 Logs critical events such as permanently irretrievable page failures and system information.
ScrapedData2 Logs data which has been extracted, in a JSON format.

If using YieldUnique, only new records will be logged.

Will also log File downloads and Images download

Http4 Logs HTTP request success and failures

Verbose. Useful for advanced debugging.

Decision8 Logs about decisions made by the crawler.

Verbose. Useful for advanced debugging.

All15 All events are logged to the console. Extremely verbose;
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