Changelog: Updates, milestones, roadmap

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IronXL for Python Roadmap

IronXL for Python was created to make it easy for developers to read and create XLS, XLSX and CSV files in Python.

IronXL for Python is leading the charge to empower developers to edit Excel files in Python, without the need for Office Interop.

Today our team are focused on further advancing IronXL for Python by prioritizing feedback from our developer community

Build releases are happening on a monthly basis, with new functionality making IronXL for Python the preferred choice for many developers.

Long term, we plan to launch IronXL for multiple programming languages. Early stage R&D is in progress for building further MS Office products for Word, PowerPoint, and the further Microsoft Office Suite.

April 2024

IronOCR v2024.4.0.4

Apr 4, 2024
Version 2024.4.0.4

Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Fixes a bug where a "shared" formula (the kind that is copied across multiple cells) would be lost when saving a file.
  • Updates IronSoftware.System.Drawing to version 2024.4.1