Enhancing Document Generation: A Review of Iron Software from Milan

Updated April 3, 2024

Microsoft MVP Milan Jovanović embarked on a quest to find a PDF library capable of seamlessly converting HTML templates into PDF files, ultimately leading him to IronPDF, a powerful C# PDF library known for its efficiency and feature-rich capabilities. Milan's positive experience with IronPDF was further affirmed by Jacob Mellor, CTO of Iron Software, who commended Milan's review and offered additional insights into the library's capabilities.

Jacob Mellor, CTO of Iron Software, was immediately drawn to Milan's positive review. Delighted by Milan's experience, Jacob seized the opportunity to offer valuable insights into IronPDF's capabilities from a developer's standpoint. According to Jacob, IronPDF's strength lies in its ability to keep pace with the latest web technologies. 'He’s using really modern HTML, flexbox rendering, and a very modern CMS,' Jacob noted. 'Many other HTML to PDF products are stuck really far in the past. We are on the bleeding edge of tech. If your most updated browser has it, we likely have it too.'

Milan found IronPDF's ability to maintain CSS styling during conversion particularly impressive, granting him full control over document formatting. Leveraging ASP.NET Core MVC views and Razor syntax, Milan effortlessly created customized HTML templates for his PDF documents, passing dynamic content to the view at runtime.

The straightforward installation process of the IronPDF NuGet package and the intuitive ChromePdfRenderer streamlined Milan's workflow, allowing him to focus on projects without hassle. Beyond HTML-to-PDF conversion, Milan appreciated IronPDF's support for features like exporting to PDF/A format and digitally signing PDF documents, making it his preferred choice for commercial projects. Additionally, Milan found IronPDF's documentation comprehensive and easy to follow, serving as a valuable resource for developers of all skill levels. With flexible pricing options for commercial use, Milan seamlessly integrated IronPDF into his workflow, impressed by its robust feature set and user-friendly documentation.

Jacob's response to Milan's review underscored IronPDF's strength in keeping pace with the latest web technologies. He praised Milan's practical video review, citing its clarity and relevance to real-world scenarios. Jacob particularly admired Milan's use of Razor for template rendering, describing it as ingenious.


Milan's positive experience with IronPDF serves as a testament to Iron Software's commitment to delivering top-notch solutions for document generation and PDF manipulation. With its compatibility with modern HTML, seamless integration with ASP.NET Core MVC views, and innovative features like Razor templating, IronPDF is empowering developers like Milan to take their document generation workflows to new heights.

As Iron Software continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of PDF manipulation, Milan and other users can rest assured that they have a reliable partner in their quest for efficient and effective document generation solutions.

We appreciate Milan's transparency in addressing this aspect. For detailed licensing information and pricing options, please visit our licensing page.

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