You Win: More Time in 2023

2022 Wrap Up Infographic

In 2022, we asked you about your challenges. The top answer was 'give us more time'.

Using IronPDF saves engineers an average of 240 hours
when compared with custom-built solutions.*

Two products: IronPDF and IronOCR, were the frontrunners.

In this article, we'll be delving into what gave you more time.

2022 Wrap Up, Figure 1

More Control

You asked for it, and we delivered.

We increased your control by giving you more customization options within our products.

The highest requested feature was the ability to add, edit, and stamp content into any PDF with micron accuracy.Justin Pierce, Lead Product Engineer

Our monthly product releases ensured continuous improvement throughout the year.

2022 Wrap Up, Figure 2

More Peace of Mind

Knowing our team are just a click, call or chat away, gives you more sense of security over your decision to choose Iron Software. This also gives you peace of mind in your project timelines.

In 2022, our Technical Support Team grew by more than 80%.

We launched a public Slack channel, giving you another avenue to contact our Support Engineering Team.

Our support engineers were available throughout all global time zones to answer your questions and solve your problems. As a result, our chat volumes nearly tripled from last year (x2.8 increase).

We didn't just solve your problems. We also produced more documentation. Our videos maximized your return on investment (ROI) by teaching you how to use our products in different use cases. For example:

We logged every question that you asked and turned them into feature requests.

This also sparked our first Bug Bounty! (Congratulations to Tobias Müller from Switzerland, who was the first winner!)

Our team is eager to turn problems into better products. Keep them coming!

2022 Wrap Up, Figure 3

More Recognition

We were honored to be featured alongside Microsoft and GitHub at the 2022 .NET Conference last year!

Jeff Fritz also presented IronPDF as the leading product of its kind. He concluded:

"I will get my hands on IronPDF when I want to build and work with PDF rendering using HTML."

But we don't only want to talk about recognition for us, because this is about you.

Understanding how your work impacts the bottom line of any project, contract or business is an effective way to further your career.

In 2023, we will be letting you nominate your own projects for recognition. Our team of engineers and external judges will give you valuable feedback.

2022 Wrap Up, Figure 4

Thank You

Ultimately, it has been the input from our 50,000-strong developer community that has pushed our products forward throughout 2022.

Thank you.

*This figure equates to savings of up to $10,000 on a single project. Our lite licenses start at $1,498, with our professsional licenses starting at $5,998. This estimate is based on a deep dive we did on six case studies, as well as answers that we got from our community. The actual number varies greatly from project to project and industry to industry. More case studies will be published in 2023.