.NET Conf 2023 Highlights

Updated November 20, 2023

.NET Conf 2023 celebrated the launch of .NET 8, showcasing advancements in cloud integration, AI, and full-stack development. This year's conference, the 13th of its kind, attracted over 100,000 live viewers globally, reflecting the widespread adoption and influence of the .NET platform.​

Launch of .NET 8

.NET 8, the latest iteration of Microsoft's development platform, places significant emphasis on cloud capabilities, performance, and AI integration. It stands out as a long-term support (LTS) release, indicating extended support and patching, critical for enterprise applications​.

Key Features in .NET 8

  • Cloud Enhancements: .NET Aspire, part of .NET 8, offers an opinionated stack for cloud-native development, improving containerization and deployment​.
  • AI Integration: New AI templates and samples facilitate the integration of sophisticated AI solutions​.
  • Full-Stack Blazor: Blazor now supports both client-side and server-side rendering, enhancing user experience and scalability​.
  • .NET MAUI: This update expands cross-platform mobile and desktop app development capabilities​. It will directly apply to the newest Iron Software product IronQR.
  • C# 12 Enhancements: C# 12 introduces syntax improvements for more concise and expressive code​.

Keynote Highlights

The .NET Conf 2023 keynote highlighted over 1,250 performance improvements in .NET 8, focusing on areas like web development, mobile and desktop app crafting, AI, and cloud-native development. The eShop architecture sample was introduced to demonstrate these capabilities​​.

Iron Software's Perspective

Jacob Mellor, Chief Technology Officer at Iron Software, commented, "We really value that Microsoft are so effectively supporting .NET 8. Their investment helps to attract new talent and focus to the language, it ultimately means we have more scope to innovate." This sentiment reflects the broader impact of .NET 8's launch on the developer community and software industry.

At the local .NET Conf Watch party hosted by Iron Software, AI was discussed.

Proud Sponsors

Iron Software are proud to sponsor .NET Conf 2023. This year’s event underscored the evolution of the .NET Framework, reinforcing its position as a leading development platform. With .NET 8, Microsoft continues to drive innovation and support the growing needs of developers worldwide.

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