Iron Software Joins .NET Conf 2022

Updated October 14, 2022
.NET Conf 2022

Iron Software are proud to announce that we will be participating in the upcoming .NET Conf 2022.

This is the largest .NET Conference of its kind and Iron Software is pleased to join Microsoft and the .NET Foundation as sponsors.

The conference will be launching .NET 7, and have speakers who can share their expertise from the .NET community.

This is aligned with Iron Software’s mission to further advance the .NET language.

“This conference means free access to education for .NET developers worldwide,” says Cameron Rimington, Iron Software CEO.

“We know that many developers are self-taught but creating more opportunities to share knowledge, without barriers like cost and travel time, makes it more accessible. We’re proud to be part of any event that contributes to shared learning on such a significant level.”

Iron Software Promo Code

We’re giving all conference attendees an exclusive Iron Software promo code IRON5-NETCONFERENCE-22

They can use this to claim 5% off any purchase until 30 November, 2022.

As well as access to free trials, this is an additional way we’re making our products accessible to the .NET community.

For Iron Suite pricing and licensing, you can view this page.

Learning Resources for Iron Software Products

Iron Software are continually developing free educational resources. These involve 3-4 minute tutorials in both video and written word. We have deliberately made these in multiple formats to ensure they are available to people with varied learning styles.

You can view each of these by product, in the ‘Tutorials’ section.

Java Development with Visual Studio Code