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Updated March 1, 2023


Shipping and logistics are busy fields where being quick and correct is extremely important. Companies in this field manage multitudes of shipping papers, labels, and barcodes every day, whether that is internally or from third party logistics. It is crucial to be able to read and understand the data quickly and accurately to precisely track inventory levels and goods across your supply chain.

However, many companies still rely on old and outdated ways of reading and managing data. Due to this, these companies have unintendedly restricted their growth as they depend on management systems that lead to mistakes and delays.

This issue is especially problematic in warehouse management where knowing how much inventory you have and having accurate data is critical for smooth operations. This is why it is recommended for businesses in logistics and shipping to incorporate Warehouse inventory management software, such as IronOCR, into their dealings.

What is Warehouse Management System Software?

Warehouse management software is an application of software specifically designed to optimize warehouse operations and management.

Warehouse management software is aimed to make warehouse management solutions more efficient by automating tasks such as inventory management, order fulfillment, quality control and overall warehouse operations. Warehouse management software is crucial for improving accuracy and visibility within supply chain management.

A Few of WMS software Key Features

Some of the common warehouse management features are shown in the list below:

  • Inventory management: Warehouse management software can help to track inventory, providing real time inventory management and statistics on information such as stock levels across the supply chain.
  • Order Fulfillment: Warehouse management software revolutionizes the order fulfillment process by guiding warehouse staff in the picking and packing of goods, optimizing shipping order management.
  • Barcode Scanning: Warehouse management software often includes barcode scanning technology to improve the speed and accuracy of data capture.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Warehouse management software also provides tools for generating reports and analyzing data related to warehouse performance metrics, such as inventory levels, shipping costs, order fulfillment and order management.
  • Labor Management: Warehouse management software also provides a solution to track the productivity and performance of warehouse staff, helping warehouse managers optimize the company workforce and labor management.

Issues with Old Data Reading Systems


Despite the availability of warehouse management system software, many companies still rely on old data reading and warehouse management systems. There are many problems with these old warehouse and shipping management systems that impair the company's competitive edge in the logistics and shipping field.


For one, in today's business world, managing policies and procedures correctly is essential. When a company can handle all its policies and functions well, it can tell its employees what it expects, unite the company, keep employees happy and stay longer, and avoid breaking the rules and regulations. For this, companies need a strong system to manage these policies as the rules. It is always imperative to keep up to date with rule changes as well, as for some cases, not abiding by good standards and procedures can lead to a charge or criminal conduct.

When companies have an old and outdated warehouse management system, it makes it difficult to add new rules and follow them without spending exuberant amounts of money. These old systems don't give clear information, which can be a considerable risk. A new and efficient system is significant for companies that want to avoid these risks.

Old systems can cause many problems for the departments that manage the company's policies and procedures. These old warehouse management systems are also not cost-effective anymore; they cost a lot in servers, office space, and administrative effort. Companies that stick to an old warehouse management system will find it hard to do their best in their field.

Is there a solution?

Companies and business leaders will learn about the benefits of using the IronOCR library in this whitepaper. It can help companies read and manage their data better, use their IT systems well, and follow all the corporate rules. By having better compliance processes, companies can run smoother, save money, and communicate better between departments and employees.

Logistics Data Processing Issues

Listed below are a range of issue that commonly occur within logistics operations and data processing. It goes over, what the issue is and how that issue can affect logistics providers.

1. Manual Data Entry is a Challenge

One of the main problems in logistics and transportation is the slow and laborious task of manual data entry. This is the process of entering data into a computer system, spreadsheet, or other data management software, typically done by human hand. With logistics or transportation management, this would mean, manually entering customer orders, keeping track of inventory management by manually recording received or dispatched good and stock levels, or recording information on shipments.

This is a slow and cumbersome process that often leads to many mistakes due to human error. These mistakes can cause incorrect inventory levels, wrong deliveries, and loss of goods, affecting overall business, warehouse operations, warehouse management and general customer satisfaction.

2. Inaccurate Data Extraction

Accurate extraction of data from shipping documents, labels, and barcodes is a major necessity to effectively manage inventory and for effective supply chain management. Unfortunately, this process of extracting data is susceptible to inaccuracies. These inaccuracies often occur due to the poor quality of papers or the inefficiency of the extraction tools.

When data is inaccurately extracted, it can result in discrepancies in inventory records, that if not rectified can cascade through the supply chain and into inventory operations across multiple warehouses, severely impacting the supply chain operations. This can mean delays and errors in order fulfillment, fulfilling customer demand, inaccurate inventory management, stock levels, delayed warehouse operations and order management.

3. Delay in Processing

Outdated data processing systems are usually slower and cause delays in processing shipping documents. This inherent slowness poses a serious challenge in such an industry where time is absolutely crucial, for example in warehouse operations and supply chain management.

In these time sensitive sectors, any delay can have significant consequences. For example this could lead to incidental late deliveries within warehousing operations, operational inefficiencies, and a potential loss of business opportunities within such a fast paced competitive environment.

4. Compliance Risks

Failure to adhere to industry regulations and standards can result from a failure to extract accurate data. When companies struggle to obtain reliable and precise information, they often toe the line with risking legal repercussions, for example fines and harm to the company's reputation.

Compliance is crucial in maintaining and fostering trust with stakeholders and ensuring smooth business operations. Compliance through proper data extraction will mitigate legal trouble and protect warehouse operations.

5. High Operational Costs

Manual and outdated data processing methods are not only consume valuable time that could go toward the warehouse management but they also incur substantial expenses. They rely on more human resources and warehouse managers effort, which heightens management operation costs.

In today's business landscape, implementing these obsolete data processing methods into your warehouse management system, will severely affect the company's overall profitability and leave you struggling to keep pace with competitors in the market.

6. Lack of Scalability

Outdated systems simply cannot adapt to the vastly increasing volume of data that occurs as a business expands. Through expansion the limits of those older systems of data processing become starkly apparent, with it's inflexibility becoming a critical hinderance in a fast paced field such as warehouse management.

This lack of flexibility with scalability makes it difficult for logistics and transportation companies to expand operations and meet the market's growing demands. On top of putting the company's ability to keep pace with competitors in jeopardy, it also hinders the company's operational efficiency.

7. Integration Issues

Many older systems struggle and need help in integrating with other modern technologies and platforms as the landscape of technology is constantly evolving. This integration gap will heavily affect and hinder the smooth and seamless data flow between different systems, which any business, especially one in warehouse management, strives for.

As companies increasingly rely on coherently interconnected systems, the inability to correctly integrate systems impedes the overall efficiency in logistic and warehouse operations.

IronOCR: The Best Warehouse Management Software

TheIronOCR library is a software development tool that can help rectify these problems and improve your inventory control and inventory management. It is an advanced tool that is capable of reading, understanding, and managing inventory data from different documents quickly and accurately.

It is perfect as a warehouse management system (WMS) for warehouse software, and for working with shipping labels and barcodes that are regularly used in logistics and transportation. IronOCR is the best warehouse management software alternative to many outdated WMS systems still commonly used around the world.

IronOCR Key Features

The following is a list of some of IronOCR's features:

  • 99.8% accuracy when using OCR.
  • Can apply OCR to almost any image file or PDF, including PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and BMP.
  • Able to read barcodes and QR codes.
  • Exportable to XHTML or searchable PDF documents.
  • Can extract not just text, but images, statistics, and fonts.
  • Compatible with almost all browsers and operating systems.
  • Supports 125 international languages.

IronOCR Performance as WMS Software

IronOCR is a better WMS software tool than other, older tools because it offers higher accuracy and the ability to automate many different tasks. By using IronOCR, companies in logistics and transportation who have to deal with warehouse stock management, can manage their data better and avoid mistakes, ensuring that everything runs smoothly in their inventory management.

This whitepaper will further explain how IronOCR as WMS software, can help companies that incorporate it's use in their warehouse management system to improve their efficiency and accuracy in managing inventory.

Through IronOCR, companies can abide to legal standards with ease, gain the trust of their partners and improve customer service, leading to the success of their company.

IronOCR: A Revolutionary Solution for Logistics Data Processing

Listed below are all the ways that IronOCR provides software solutions for common issues within Logistics Data Processing and how it extends beyond those issues to refine any other warehouse management solution or warehouse management system, making IronOCR the top warehouse management software.

1. Accurate and Fast Data Extraction

IronOCR is a beacon of efficiency in the logistics and transportation sectors by offering highly accurate and rapid data extraction from shipping documents, labels, and barcodes. It not only ensures precision but also significantly optimizes operational efficiency and maintains a seamless flow of information in logistics and transportation management.

The accuracy of IronOCR as warehousing software ensures minimal errors in data processing, allowing for precise inventory management, inventory tracking, real time visibility, order fulfillment and enhancing overall operational efficiency, warehouse productivity, and customer satisfaction.

2. Automated Data Entry

IronOCR makes data entry process easy by eliminating the need for manual input. This is done through automating the entry of necessary data into the warehouse management systems. This process diminishes the risk of human errors and significantly cuts down the time taken to process documents. It ensures consistency of warehouse management across multiple warehouses and throughout the company's supply chain.

Automated data entry enables businesses to streamline their operations and focus on core activities, thereby improving productivity. This automation, helps effectively perform tasks such as inventory control, order management, inventory forecasting, and tracking warehouse space. Through automation, IronOCR also results in reduced labor costs as there is no need for people to manually manage data entry, proving IronOCR to be a blessing as a warehouse management software.

3. Enhanced Compliance Management

By providing precise and accurate data extraction, IronOCR plays a crucial role in helping companies in maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations. It is capable to accurately extract the data needed to ensure that organizations can meet the stringent requirements set, enhancing overall adherence to industry guidelines and rules.

By helping companies adhere to legal requirements, IronOCR provides valuable assistance in avoiding fines and reputational damage for those logistics and shipping management. It ensures that companies can swiftly meet any compliance needs and maintain trust with stakeholders.

4. Cost-Efficient Processing

IronOCR is a cost-effective solution for logistics data processing. Automating data entry and extraction from warehouse processes reduces the need for extensive human resources and administrative effort.

This makes IronOCR a great way for warehouse managers to reduce operational costs and improve warehouse management efficiency. The efficiency of IronOCR allows companies to be more competitive by reallocating resources to other crucial areas of the business.

5. Scalable and Adaptive Technology

IronOCR's advanced technology is scalable and can quickly adapt to the growing volume of data as the business expands.

This adaptability ensures companies can smoothly scale their warehouse operation to meet market demands without technological limitations.

6. Seamless Integration

IronOCR offers seamless integration with various modern technologies, existing systems, cloud based software and platforms. This would include smooth integration with accounting software or your enterprise resource planning system.

This integration facilitates smooth data flow between different systems, promoting operational coherence and enabling companies to leverage their existing IT infrastructure effectively.

7. Multiformat Support

IronOCR excels in its versatility, supporting many document formats, including PDFs, images, and scanned documents.

This extensive format support ensures that companies can process various types of shipping documents without any hassle, making IronOCR a one-stop solution for all data extraction needs in logistics.

8. Advanced Text Recognition

IronOCR proves itself as a reliable warehouse management software as it employs advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to accurately recognize text from documents, even those with poor quality or distorted prints.

This capability is crucial for logistics companies dealing with various documents of varying quality, ensuring that the extracted data is reliable and accurate. Especially when dealing with documents that impact your entire warehouse management system, reliable, accurate extracted data is crucial for inventory optimization, multi location management, order fulfillment, stock management, and real time inventory tracking.

9. Image Pre-processing

IronOCR incorporates advanced image pre-processing techniques that enhance the quality of scanned documents and images before extraction.

This technique ensures optimal readability and accuracy in data extraction, even from low-quality or noisy images, making it a reliable tool in varied operational environments.

10. Barcode and QR Code Reading

IronOCR as an inventory management software is not limited to extracting textual data. It's also proficient in reading barcodes and QR codes, which are integral components of shipping labels in logistics.

This feature aids in seamless inventory tracking and management of goods throughout the supply chain, making it easy to track inventory levels and inventory data as well as enhancing traceability and accountability.

11. Language Support

IronOCR as versatile warehouse management software can recognize and extract text in multiple languages. This multi-language support is essential for logistics companies operating internationally, as it allows them to process documents from different regions without any language barriers, fostering global operational coherence.


Relying on outdated systems for managing and processing logistics and transportation data can pose serious risks and operational hindrance for any organization in the logistics sector. By implementing IronOCR's advanced functionality and extensive features, organizations can modernize their data extraction and management approach with real time visibility, gaining more accurate and efficient operation.

IronOCRis a comprehensive OCR solution that extends functionality beyond basic data extraction. Its advanced features and extensive support should crown it the best warehouse management software and order management solution as it is an invaluable asset for logistics and transportation companies striving to optimize their data processing frameworks.

It is an incredibly versatile tool, used to support and aid in many logistics and warehouse processes, such as with yard management, order fulfillment, inventory tracking and managing. IronOCR is an incredible tool for any business that needs to revamp their outdated systems.

The integration of IronOCR warehouse management software, equips these companies with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of logistics data management, empowering them in their inventory control and management, and pushing them toward unparalleled operational efficiency and excellence.

Experience the power of IronOCR by opting for a free trial and explore how it can drive your organization towards unparalleled operational excellence and compliance in the fast-paced world of logistics and transportation.

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