Making Magic with Transport Genie

Updated May 8, 2024

Client Overview

For farmers, food companies, and any business that deals in livestock, animal welfare is paramount. Enter Transport Genie – based in Canada but a world leader in sustainable and humane transit of animals. With real-time climate monitoring, AI-powered smart sensors, and secure data storage, it’s a lot of information to juggle. We asked President and CEO Joel Sotomayor to explain how IronPDF saves his business time, money, and stress while contributing to his brand’s eco-friendly ambitions.

Challenges Faced by Transport Genie

Combining live animals and long-distance travel, Transport Genie carefully balances safety, security, and sustainability in its daily operations. The wellbeing of the animals demands live updates from remote areas, reliance on travel means optimizing routes to reduce costs, and a commitment to a circular economy means being mindful of carbon emissions.

In the office, it’s important for any business to provide seamless support to keep existing customers happy and add new partners to the fold. When it comes to handling sensitive information, speed is nothing without security. Just like their hardware, Transport Genie’s documents need to be accessible, transparent, and tamper-proof.

Luckily, there’s an elegant solution to all of these obstacles.

Why Transport Genie Chose IronPDF

With IronPDF, we were able to provide an easier, faster way to generate PDF reports for internal and external use at Transport Genie. By optimizing a foundational aspect of Joel’s business, we helped deliver considerable budget savings and improvements in productivity – something he couldn’t find with similar software providers: “Compared to Adobe, or other platforms, IronPDF has saved us a tremendous amount of time and money,” he says.

Not just about delivering things quickly and cheaply, IronPDF comes equipped with everything you need to keep your documents secure. “It’s enabled us to produce content more securely and faster,” Joel explains.

In fact, IronPDF’s safeguarding functionalities played a small part in Transport Genie’s incredible reception in the tech world. Joel was invited to showcase his product at the 2024 evoke AG conference – with Iron Software proudly standing beside him.

Joel Sotomayor, President of Transport Genie, along with Iron Software

“A big game changer”

It isn’t the most exciting part of running a business, but document management can cost plenty of time and money when not done properly. With IronPDF, Joel says that Transport Genie saved “95% of our annual cost to produce and share documents.” You might not think you spend a lot on this area, but a 95% saving speaks for itself.

Budgets aren’t the only costs involved – how your team spends their time is a hugely important resource. The less time spent on mundane tasks, the more time they have to focus on what makes your business special. “We can easily convert HTML to PDF in just a few clicks, which is a big game changer,” says Joel. By streamlining the creation of reports, Joel says that IronPDF has reduced resources spent on time and development by 70%.

Driving sustainability

Not concerned just about animal welfare, the wellbeing of the planet is equally important to Transport Genie. From partnering with tree-planting organizations to a commitment to upcycling with their products, we wanted to recognize Joel and his team’s work in this area.

In 2024, we proudly awarded Transport Genie with our very own EcoGrant, providing them with five years of free technical support and product updates. Technology plays a vital role in the protection of the environment, and we are committed to supporting projects that share our eco-friendly philosophy.

Sustainability is something we strive for in each of our products. With IronPDF, not only are we able to save Transport Genie time, money, and resources, but also their impact on the environment. “Our partnership with IronPDF allows us to go and actually reduce the amount of paper we normally produce.”

Transport Genie is committed to net-zero emissions, just as we’re committed to net-zero for your PDF costs.

Benefits of IronPDF

The benefits which IronPDF has provided Transport Genie, a specialized and highly regulated service, are proof of the flexibility and power of our product. Doing more and costing less than other software providers, we streamline, automate, and improve core functions of any business – allowing you to prioritize what makes your company stand out.

Whether it's converting batches of files in minutes, quickly editing and signing documents, or simplifying your client onboarding process, IronPDF is the best solution. But don’t just take our word for it when Joel says it best: “I would highly recommend teams, software developers, CTOs, CEOs, to give a look at IronPDF.”

Start your free trial today or get in touch to find out how Iron Software can help level up your project.

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