Green2View's Implementation of Iron Software

Updated December 13, 2023


Green2View, an Australian software and benchmarking data company, specializes in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sustainability. As a leader in its field, Green2View has garnered recognition, including being a certified B Corp, inaugural signatory to the UN SME Climate Hub, and winner of the RegTech Associations 2022 ESG Excellence Award. Their commitment to ESG compliance and reporting is central to their operations.

The Challenge

Green2View's platform required a robust solution for document handling and compliance. They needed to convert HTML content to PDFs efficiently and integrate electronic signatures for legal compliance. The platform also demanded a solution that could support their diverse data capture processes, including manual entries, file uploads, API interfaces, and scanning solutions.

The Solution: Choosing Iron Software

Green2View selected Iron Software, specifically IronPDF, for several reasons:

  1. Technical Recommendation: Their technical solutions experts recommended IronPDF as the best fit for their development needs.
  2. Existing Usage: They were already utilizing IronPDF for HTML to PDF conversions.
  3. E-Signature Capability: IronPDF's upcoming e-signature product aligned perfectly with their compliance requirements.
  4. No Compatibility Issues: IronPDF seamlessly integrated into their existing infrastructure.

Implementation and Benefits

Green2View's implementation of IronPDF facilitated numerous improvements:

  1. Compliance Documentation: IronPDF enabled easy conversion of HTML to PDF for compliance documentation, crucial for ESG auditing.
  2. E-Signature Integration: The e-signature functionality provided legal standing for documents, enhancing trust and transparency.
  3. Seamless Integration: IronPDF's integration was straightforward, aligning with Green2View's technology stack that includes Blazer, Bootstrap, ASP.NET Core Identity Framework, and MySQL.
  4. Scalability and Reliability: The solution catered to various client sizes and government institutions, supporting diverse data capture methods.

Future Considerations

Green2View remains open to exploring new technologies, such as further collaboration with Microsoft. However, their satisfaction with IronPDF's performance and upcoming features makes it a central component of their platform.


Green2View's adoption of Iron Software's IronPDF has been a pivotal decision in streamlining their ESG compliance and reporting processes. This tool has not only enhanced their document handling capabilities but also aligned with their core values of sustainability and responsible business practices. The success story of Green2View and Iron Software demonstrates the power of choosing the right technological solutions to advance sustainability goals and operational efficiency.

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