Using IronPrint License Keys

How to Get a License Key

Adding an IronPrint license key allows you to deploy your project live without restrictions or watermarks.

You can buy a license here or sign up for a free 30 day trial key here.

Step 1: Download the Latest Version of IronPrint

C# NuGet Library for

Install with NuGet

Install-Package IronPrint

Step 2: Apply Your License Key

Set your license using code

Add this code to the startup of your application, before IronPrint is used.

IronPrint.License.LicenseKey = "IRONPRINT.MYLICENSE.KEY.1EF01";
IronPrint.License.LicenseKey = "IRONPRINT.MYLICENSE.KEY.1EF01"
VB   C#

Set your license using Web.Config or App.Config

To apply a key globally to your application using Web.Config or App.Config, add the following key to your config file in appSettings.

    <add key="IronPrint.LicenseKey" value="IRONPRINT.MYLICENSE.KEY.1EF01"/>

There is a known licensing issue with IronPrint version released before 2024.3.6 on project:

  • ASP.NET projects
  • .NET Framework version >= 4.6.2

The key stored in a Web.config file is NOT being picked up and used by the product. Visit the 'Setting License Key in Web.config' troubleshooting article to learn more.

Ensure that IronPrint.License.IsLicensed returns true to verify.

Set your license key using a .NET Core appsettings.json file

To apply a key globally to your application to a .NET Core:

  • Add a JSON file to your project called appsettings.json in the root directory of your project
  • Add a 'IronPrint.LicenseKey' key to your JSON config file. The value should be your license key.
  • Ensure that the file properties include Copy to Output Directory: Copy always

File: appsettings.json


Step 3: Validate Your License Key

Verify the Installed License Key

To verify whether the license key has been applied correctly, you can check the IsLicensed property. Use the following code snippet:

// Check if the license key has been applied
bool licensed = IronPrint.License.IsLicensed;
' Check if the license key has been applied
Dim licensed As Boolean = IronPrint.License.IsLicensed
VB   C#

Validate the License Key

To ensure the validity of your license or trial key, you can use the following code snippet:

// Check if a given license key string is valid
bool valid = IronPrint.License.IsValidLicense("IRONPRINT.MYLICENSE.KEY.1EF01");
' Check if a given license key string is valid
Dim valid As Boolean = IronPrint.License.IsValidLicense("IRONPRINT.MYLICENSE.KEY.1EF01")
VB   C#

If the return value is True, it means the key is valid, and you can proceed with using IronPrint. However, if the return value is False, it indicates that the key is invalid.

Step 4: Getting Started with Your Project

To get started with IronPrint, we highly recommend following our comprehensive tutorial on how to Get Started with IronPrint. This tutorial offers detailed instructions and examples to help you grasp the basics of using IronPrint.

Questions or Need Support?

To use IronPrint in live projects, you'll require a paid or trial license key, which you can obtain by purchase a license. The trial license is available by visiting this link.

For a comprehensive collection of code examples, tutorials, licensing details, and extensive documentation, please visit the IronPrint section on our website.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to