Customer Spotlight: Open Market

Key Benefits

Open Market, a healthcare software services company, leveraged IronOCR's powerful capabilities to revolutionize their invoice processing workflow. The adoption of IronOCR led to a remarkable $40,000 annual cost reduction, while enhancing productivity and freeing up resources for high-impact tasks.

The switch to IronOCR resulted in a seamless transition, enabling Open Market to automate the extraction of check data from vendors' documents. What used to be a labor-intensive, 40-hour-per-week process was transformed into a quick, efficient task, taking only 45 minutes. This dramatic reduction in time allowed Open Market to reallocate human resources to more strategic and valuable endeavors.

IronOCR's integration with Tesseract ensured a smooth transition without a steep learning curve. Open Market was able to swiftly implement IronOCR's NuGet packages, facilitating rapid testing and deployment. The sophisticated data cleaning capabilities of IronOCR played a pivotal role in ensuring accurate and reliable results, further enhancing Open Market's efficiency gains.


According to Brent Matzelle, Chief Technology Officer at Open Market,

"IronOCR paid for itself immediately."

The implementation of IronOCR not only covered its own cost but also unlocked substantial savings for Open Market, validating its value proposition.

Brent Matzelle is pleased with IronOCR's swift onboarding process, emphasizing its user-friendly nature. This ease of integration, coupled with IronOCR's robust performance, empowered Open Market to extend its utilization into the healthcare sector, where even greater benefits are anticipated.

Open Market stands out for its technical ingenuity in a niche industry that can be slow to progress, disrupting conventional practices with its cost-effective approach. By streamlining paper-intensive processes with IronOCR, Open Market delivers services at a significantly reduced expense, setting it apart from larger competitors.

Solution and Technology

Open Market's selection criteria for an OCR solution centered on compatibility, effectiveness, and pricing. IronOCR excelled in meeting these benchmarks, facilitating smooth integration with Open Market's existing infrastructure. The adoption of IronOCR's technology, coupled with its competitive pricing and cost-effective licensing structure, contributed to Open Market's resounding success.


Brent Matzelle confidently recommends IronOCR to other organizations seeking cutting-edge OCR solutions. He praises IronOCR's affordability, advanced features, and seamless technology, stating that there's "really nothing negative" to say about the experience.

IronOCR's role in optimizing Open Market's operations underscores its potential to drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance productivity across diverse industries. If you're looking to streamline your processes, enhance accuracy, and achieve substantial cost savings, IronOCR is the solution to consider.

Join Open Market in their journey of success by harnessing the power of IronOCR. Experience swift implementation, unmatched efficiency gains, and the satisfaction of achieving more with less.