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WebScraperDownloadFileUnique Method

Much like DownloadFile except if the file has already been downloaded or exists locally, it will not be re-downloaded.

Requests a file to be downloaded from the given Url to the local file-system. Often used for scraping documents, assets and images.

Normally called with an Parse Method of IronWebScraper.WebScraper

Namespace:  IronWebScraper
Assembly:  IronWebScraper (in IronWebScraper.dll) Version: (
public virtual string DownloadFileUnique(
	string url,
	string path,
	HttpIdentity identity = null


Type: SystemString
The URL.
Type: SystemString
The path.
identity (Optional)
Type: IronWebScraperHttpIdentity
The identity.

Return Value

Type: String
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