Agorus Build utiliza Iron Suite para la construcción sostenible de viviendas fuera del emplazamiento

Actualizado 30 de octubre, 2023

Agorus Build’s engineering team, led by David Jones, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the off-site home construction industry through its project named "ONESource." In an era where the demand for efficient and sustainable housing solutions is paramount, Agorus Build offers a comprehensive home solution that encompasses every stage of construction, from early architectural drawings and structural engineering to manufacturing and final installation. This approach enables housing developers to consistently deliver high-quality homes on time and within budget, addressing the pressing challenges posed by America's housing crisis.

Agorus Build stands out in the industry by embracing cutting-edge technology, proprietary robotics, and modern construction techniques to craft custom homes. Their singular focus on delivering precision-built framing solutions directly to job sites exemplifies their commitment to innovation and efficiency.

One key aspect that sets Agorus Build apart is their dedication to environmental sustainability. With a focus on green building practices, they utilize recyclable and renewable materials in their framing solutions to reduce construction waste and minimize energy consumption. By opting for renewable building materials like timber instead of steel and cement, which are significant contributors to CO2 emissions, they aim to make carbon-neutral construction a reality. Moreover, Agorus Build ensures that 100% of their waste is either utilized or recycled off-site, further minimizing their environmental footprint.

Agorus Build's commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with their use of Iron Software products, specifically IronPDF, IronOCR, and IronBarcode. These tools play a crucial role in their operations. They enable the creation of digital floor plans, reducing the need for paper documentation and aiding in efficient inventory management.

Iron Software EcoGrant

“We’re proud to share that Agorus Build is one of the first ten companies to be awarded the Iron Software EcoGrant. They’re reduction in waste is hugely impactful, and their team should certainly feel proud.”

The construction industry contributes to 40% of the solid waste generated yearly. This statistic amounts to nearly 100 million tons of waste in the United States alone.

How is Agorus Build using Iron Suite?

Generate PDF bids/contracts.
OCR shop drawings, architectural drawings/plans
Create QR codes for inventory tracking.
Automate QA testing

In a conversation with the team behind Agorus Build, they highlighted how Iron Software has positively impacted their development timelines. Integrating IronOCR, IronPDF, and IronBarcode into their customer-facing and internal portals has expedited the development and deployment of various features. This has not only improved their internal processes but has also enhanced the overall customer experience.

When asked about their goals for the future, Agorus Build emphasized their determination to continue integrating green building engineering into their practices. They aim to empower their craftsmen with new technology and more efficient processes, making sustainability an integral part of their operations.

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