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IronOcr Namespace

IronOcr is an industry leading .Net OCR library. It provides cutting edge OCR technology in over 80 languages for C# and .Net framework software projects.

Public classAdvancedOcr
An advanced OCR engine which gives the developer access to advanced Image pro-processing and calibration settings. See also IronOcr.AutoOcr for a fully automated OCR Class with fewer settings.
Public classAutoOcr
A user-friendly OCR engine which extracts text and barcodes from images. AutoOcr "looks" at each image before scanning it, and uses meta-data and computer-vision to predict intelligent default settings for each setting. See also IronOcr.AdvancedOcr for faster, more specific OCR results.
Public classIronOcrInstallation
Sets global installation parameters for IronOCR.
Public classLicense
Allows IronOcr license keys to be applied globally across an application.

Apply your lice using LicenseKey in your code, or add the key IronOcr.LicenseKey to Web.Conbfig or App.Config

Public classOcrResult
Detailed results from reading one or more images using IronOcr.

OcrResult contains text, barcodes, images and a detailed object model for every discovered object on each page, with detailed meta-data.

Public classOcrResultOcrBarcode
Object describing a Barcode or QR code discovered by IronOcr. 20+ formats are supported.
Public classOcrResultOcrCharacter
An object representing each instance of each character (symbol) of readable text discovered with OCR.
Public classOcrResultOcrLine
An object representing each line of text discovered in an OCRResult
Public classOcrResultOcrPage
An object representing a whole page of content read by IronOcr. May contains text & barcodes alongside detailed enumerable meta-data
Public classOcrResultOcrParagraph
An object representing each paragraph of text read by IronOcr
Public classOcrResultOcrWord
An object representing each word read by IronOcr