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AdvancedOcrReadMultiThreaded Method (IEnumerableString, Rectangle, Int32)

Performs OCR on multiple images simultaneously, using multiple threads and cores for the best performance.

Namespace:  IronOcr
Assembly:  IronOcr (in IronOcr.dll) Version: (
public OcrResult ReadMultiThreaded(
	IEnumerable<string> ImageFilePaths,
	Rectangle CropArea,
	int MaximumNumberOfThreads = 4


Type: System.Collections.GenericIEnumerableString
File paths to multiple images
Type: System.DrawingRectangle
A rectangular area of the images to be scanned for OCR.
MaximumNumberOfThreads (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
The maximum number of document pages to be read simultaneously.

Return Value

Type: OcrResult
Returns paginated results for all pages, containing Text, Barcodes, and an object model containing rich OCR data such as text-sizes, fonts, statistical confidence etc.
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