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PagedBarcodeResult Class

Results from reading a barcode from a multi-page document using IronBarCode
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  IronBarCode
Assembly:  IronBarCode (in IronBarCode.dll) Version: (
public class PagedBarcodeResult : BarcodeResult

The PagedBarcodeResult type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBarcodeImage
An image of the scanned barcode image as a Bitmap.

This Bitmap will be disposed when the BarcodeResult finalizes. If you wish to keep a permanent copy of the BarcodeImage use the (Bitmap)BarcodeResult.BarcodeImage.Clone() method.

(Inherited from BarcodeResult.)
Public propertyBarcodeType
The BarcodeEncoding (barcode type) which was detected
(Inherited from BarcodeResult.)
Public propertyBinaryValue
The binary value of the barcode as a byte array.
(Inherited from BarcodeResult.)
Public propertyPageNumber
The page number of the PDF or Image on which the barcode was discovered. [1 Based e.g. the first page is one not zero]
Public propertyText
The value of the barcode as a string. Synonym for BarcodeResult.Value
(Inherited from BarcodeResult.)
Public propertyValue
The value of the barcode as a string.
(Inherited from BarcodeResult.)
Public methodToString
Returns a String that represents the value of the barcode as a string;
(Inherited from BarcodeResult.)
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