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QRCodeWriterCreateQrCode Method (Stream, Int32, QRCodeWriterQrErrorCorrectionLevel)

Renders a QR code.

Overload methods and methods of the created GeneratedBarcode object allow for barcode sizes and colors to be customized. Logos & Branding may also be added using the CreateQrCodeWithLogo method.

Namespace:  IronBarCode
Assembly:  IronBarCode (in IronBarCode.dll) Version: (
public static GeneratedBarcode CreateQrCode(
	Stream BinaryDataStream,
	int Size = 500,
	QRCodeWriterQrErrorCorrectionLevel ErrorCorrection = QRCodeWriterQrErrorCorrectionLevel.Highest


Type: System.IOStream
The value of the QR code as a stream.
Size (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
The width and height of the QR code in pixels.
ErrorCorrection (Optional)
Type: IronBarCodeQRCodeWriterQrErrorCorrectionLevel
The error correction level of the QR code.

Return Value

Type: GeneratedBarcode
A GeneratedBarcode object for the QR code which can be manipulated, annotated and saved to a System.Drawing.Image, an object, image file, PDF, MediaURL or data stream.
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