BarcodeWriterCreateBarcode Method (String, BarcodeWriterEncoding)

Creates (renders) a barcode representing a string value.

Namespace:  IronBarCode
Assembly:  IronBarCode (in IronBarCode.dll) Version: 2020.5.0.0 (2020.5.0.0)
public static GeneratedBarcode CreateBarcode(
	string Value,
	BarcodeWriterEncoding BarcodeType


Type: SystemString
The value of the barcode as a string.
Type: IronBarCodeBarcodeWriterEncoding
Type of the barcode encoding type. Supports many popular barcode formats including QR Codes.

Return Value

Type: GeneratedBarcode
A GeneratedBarcode object which can be manipulated, annotated and saved to a System.Drawing.Image, an object, image file, PDF, MediaURL or data stream.
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