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BarcodeReaderQuicklyReadOneBarcode Method (Stream, BarcodeEncoding, Boolean)

Reads a single barcode from an image with automatic settings designed to be applicable to most use cases.

Overloads of this method accept InputImage as string file paths as well as Image, Bitmap and Stream types.

Namespace:  IronBarCode
Assembly:  IronBarCode (in IronBarCode.dll) Version: (
public static BarcodeResult QuicklyReadOneBarcode(
	Stream InputImage,
	BarcodeEncoding BarcodeFormat = BarcodeEncoding.All,
	bool TryHarder = false


Type: System.IOStream
The input image as a Stream containing the binary data for an image. Jpeg, Jpeg2000, Png, Bmp, TiIf & Gif Image formats are supported.
BarcodeFormat (Optional)
Type: IronBarCodeBarcodeEncoding
The barcode encoding types to read from the InputImage. By default all supported barcodes types are scanned for. Choosing one or more specific Barcode formats will improve performance significantly.
TryHarder (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
If set to true the Barcode Reader will expend more CPU cycles looking for barcodes which may be rotated or hidden in background noise in the image.

Return Value

Type: BarcodeResult
A BarcodeResult, or null if no barcode was found.
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