Iron Software

Iron Software Co, Ltd is a BOI promoted software company based in Chiang Mai Thailand.

We specialize in software component development for engineering and financial markets, with the great majority of our software being for export to Europe and North America.

We are working closely with the Thai government and local academic institution, to create new jobs and prosperity in the newly emerging Thai enterprise software supercluster which is proposed for Chiang Mai and Phuket regions.

What is our business?

We build software components, software products used by engineers. Each tool adds 1 distinct feature to an enterprise application. Think of them as building-blocks which engineers use to build intranets and enterprise applications.

Each component adds one specific feature to the application such as the ability to search.

These components are purchased by IT departments in corporations and governments, as well as software companies that develop enterprise software. This abstract market is already value estimated at $20 billion per year. Iron software is bringing that market to Thailand.

What is our advantage?

The founders of Iron Software both have experience managing and selling enterprise software components in global markets. we have made profits of over $1,000,000 from the sale of software components in previous business outside Thailand. We bring 2874 existing customer relationships in to the Thai economy.