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IronWebScraper - The web scraping framework for C# / .Net

IronWebScraper is an C# Class for extracting strcutured data from web applications, and yielding the results as JSON or SQL.

IronWebScraper deals with politeness, proxies and multithreaded http, allowing developers to focus on scraping logic.

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What's New with IronWebScraper (

  • Politely auto-thottle by Domain & IP Address
  • Massively multi-threaded behind the scenes
  • Parse HTML using XPath, JavaScript or jQuery style DOM queries.
  • Pause and Resume functionality


IronOCR - Advanced Optical Character Recognition for C# / .Net

IronOcr is an C# OCR Library which can read printed, scanned or imaged documents, and turn them back to quality text content using machine vision technology

IronOcr is a great addition to any mature document management project for .net, and can be installed directly using the Nuget Package manager for extreme ease of use.

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What's New with IronOcr (

  • Fixed a GDI+ memory leak during multithreaded document processing
  • Improved performance for very large images
  • Improved performance for parallel batch OCR processing
  • Fixed PDF file locking issues
  • All objects auto-dispose and garbage collect Just-In-Time
  • Brute force tested against 200+ page PDF document OCR
  • PDF OCR allows selecting individual pages and page ranges
  • Easier access to Paragraph, Line, Word and Character objects added to Results.Page
  • Paragraph, Line, Word and Character objects now export Images and accurate coordinates
  • 30 Day free trial deployment licenses available

C# OCR Image to Text

IronPdf - PDF Generation and Management for C#

IronPDF is a popular and easy to use PDF library for C# and .Net developers.

IronPDF makes PDF generation easy by allowing pixel perfect rendering of HTML (with CSS, Images and even javascript) into PDF Documents. It achieves print quality Pdf documents from your HTML by embedding and utilizing the latest Google Chrome rendering engine seamlessly in the background.

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What's New with IronPdf (

  • Pixel perfect HTML to PDF Conversion
  • Edit, Merge and Split any PDF file
  • Link CSS, Javascript files, Images and Fonts from local files or remote urls
  • PDF OCR: Extract text and images from existing PDF documents
  • HTML Headers and Footers

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