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The IronOcr C# OCR Development Team

IronOcr was developed by a team of scientists and engineers aiming to bring enterprise grade O.C.R. technology to the Microsoft® .Net code Framework

The IronOcr (C# OCR) Development Team

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The IronOcr Development team is a independent group of five C# , C++ and OCR experts based loosely in Wyoming, USA.

We joined forces to bridge the major gap between modern OCR technologies available in native / C code and those available for .Net development.

Our Purpose is to bring modern OCR features such as Machine Learning Models, natural-language post-processing and adaptive image filters into one C# package with a simple, ready to use API.


OCR (or Optical Character Recognition) is amongst the most processor intensive tasks we can ask a computer to performs.   The use of simulated 'computer vision' to still images, scans or even live image feeds to find and extract text uses million of CPU cycles per page to simulate 'fuzzy' human decision making

Although the world has seen evolutionary advances in OCR technology since the 1980s, few if none have really filtered though to C# . .Net platform, leaving windows software devlopers with missing tools in their box.


IronOcr is the first release from The IronOcr (C# OCR) Development Team.

The initial release of IronOcr offers 'out-of-the-box' enterprise grade OCR functionality to C# developers for the first time.

The project can be downloaded as a dll or installed using the Nuget Package Manager for 1 minute installation into existing windows/.net software projects and web applications.

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