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OcrResultOcrWord Class

An object representing each word read by IronOcr
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  IronOcr
Assembly:  IronOcr (in IronOcr.dll) Version: (
public class OcrWord

The OcrResultOcrWord type exposes the following members.

Public methodOcrResultOcrWord
Initializes a new instance of the OcrResultOcrWord class
Public propertyHeight
Height of the word in pixels.
Public propertyImage
An image of this word
Public propertyOcrObjectId
A unique name for this word within an OcrResult.
Public propertyPageNumber
The OcrResult page number this word was found on
Public propertyWidth
Width of the word in pixels.
Public propertyX
Horizontal location of the word relative to the left edge of the page. Measured in pixels.
Public propertyY
Vertical location of the word relative to the top edge of the page. Measured in pixels.
Public fieldCharacters
The individual characters which make up this word
Public fieldConfidence
The percentage statistical confidence IronOcr has in analysis of this word. Values range from 0-100. For higher contrast (lower Confidence scores for words which may have been read incorrectly, try setting Strategy = Advanced
Public fieldFontIsBold
Word is printed bold.
Public fieldFontIsCaligraphic
Word is written in ornate or luminary script
Public fieldFontIsFixedWidth
Word's typeface is fixed-width
Public fieldFontIsItalic
Word is italic.
Public fieldFontIsSerif
Word has serif markings
Public fieldFontIsUnderlined
Word is underlined
Public fieldFontName
The name of the typeface this word was printed in. If a typeface is unknown, the closest match will be returned.
Public fieldFontSize
The height of the typeface letters in this typeface. Measured in pixels.
Public fieldLanguageCode
The natural language which IronOcr believes this word belongs to.
Public fieldLineNumber
The line number in which this word was found
Public fieldLocation
The location and size of this word as discovered in mImage
Public fieldParagraphNumber
The paragraph in which this word was found
Public fieldText
The word as read, rendered as a UTF-8 string with no whitespace.
Public fieldTextDirection
The direction in which this word should be read.
Public fieldWordNumber
The position of this word within a line of text
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